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Electrochemical Sensors Using Nanomaterials - A Mini Review


Nanotechnology has been in recent years an indispensable tool for great advancement in science and technology. With advanced preparatory methods, nanomaterials can have the desired size control, surface properties, shape and other physicochemical properties. Their larger surface area to volume ratio, which offers them the capacity to improve electron-transfer rate are quite utilized in catalysis, polymer technology, drug delivery, food production, painting and electrochemical sensing. Since electrochemical sensors are required to be of very high sensitivity, selectivity and stability, incorporation of nanomaterials in the sensors’ design is inevitable due to their aforementioned properties. So many work have therefore been reported in which nanomaterials ranging from nanoparticles to nanotubes were used for improving the properties of sensors and the results of these researches have been so far promising. This article therefore intends to present some of these works and showcase the relevance of nanomaterials in electrochemical sensor developments.

Tanimu A*, Lawal MA and Getso ZN

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