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Enhancement of Solubility of Poorly Soluble Drugs by Using Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex and Solid Dispersion Technique


There has been a challenge for pharmaceutical industry to improve solubility of poorly soluble drug; so as the bioavailability and therapeutic benefit can be achieved. The objective of the current project dealt with solubility improvement of a poorly soluble antihypertensive Nicardipine by inclusion and solid dispersion technique. Cyclodextrin inclusion complex prepared by kneading method, meanwhile the solid dispersion prepared by solvent evaporation technique utilizing HPMC K15M. Phase solubility study was carried out to ascertain the suitability of Cyclodextrin in inclusion complex. The apparent stability constant found to be 149.32. Various proportions of inclusion masses prepared and subjected to characterization such as drug content estimation and in-vitro drug release.

Vineel Jampani *

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