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Essential Amendments to Control Resistance to Antibiotics among Bacteria


Microbial resistance to antibiotics is gaining a lot of attention in the past few years. There has been a lot of debate in this regard but the outcome seems to be very disappointing. Added to the situation there are no proper data on per cent raise in antibiotic resistance. The growing threat from resistant bacteria calls for concerted action, to prevent the emergence of new resistant strains. Since the discovery and subsequent widespread use of antibiotics, a variety of bacterial species of human and animal origin have developed numerous mechanisms, which render bacteria resistant to nearly all known antibiotics. There are many virulent bacterial genera that are resistant to multiple classes of antibiotics. Infections caused by multidrug resistant bacteria have limiting treatment options, compromising effective therapy. In this regard the present article provides few parameters, which need to be implemented at various levels for efficient reduction of antibiotic resistance among bacteria.

PK Maheshwar and Adkar Purushothama CR

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