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Evaluation of Drug Information Services in a South Indian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital


As the number of drugs available and exposure in the past was less, the necessity for drug information was limited. But now, the situation has come a long way with vast number of drug and new modes of therapy being available. It is not possible to cope up such large information on drugs. Hence, it is very important to retrieve specific unbiased information to face challenges in the field of pharmacy. In such cases, a clinical pharmacist who is legally competent and professionally trained has come into role, to provide drug information, which is also a key role of their daily activities. The concept of rational drug use is yet a long way to go in India. Lack of unbiased drug information and lack of time are the major factors that make the physicians unable to update their knowledge about drugs which is resulting in an increasing demand for unbiased and independent information about drugs for better patient care. It is important, to periodically evaluate the mode of functioning and quality of the services provided by the center, so that necessary modifications can be made for better functioning.

Navya Saketi, Swetha Siga, Tanooj Krishna.G, John Kirubakaran

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