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Facile Synthesis of 2H-3-Chromeneimines and 3, 5-Dibenzylidene-1-Prop-2-Ynyl-Piperidin-4-Ones


The Claisen-Schmidt condensation of 3,5-dibenzylidene-4-one(1a-f) react with propargylbromide(2) in presence of K2CO3 at room temperature to gave 3,5-dibenzylidene-1-prop-2-ynyl-piperidin-4-ones(3a-f), and 2H-3-chromenecarbaldehydes (4a-d) react with aniline (5a) and anhydrous Na2SO4 to give 2H -chromene-3-(4'-pheny1) imine (6a-d) in good yields.

T Bhupal Reddy, C Nageswara Reddy, G Chandrasekhar, ALV Ramana Reddy

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