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FERALGINE®A New Oral Iron Therapy for Iron Deficiency Anemia: Preliminary Clinical Results on a Case Series of 12 Anemic Patients


Iron deficiency (ID) represents the most common nutritional disorders worldwide accounting for approximately one-half of anemia cases. Oral iron therapy seems to be the first-choice approach to treat iron deficiency anemia (IDA) also if gastrointestinal adverse effects such us nausea, epigastric discomfort, constipation, and diarrhea could represent a barrier to patient’s adherence to treatment protocol. Ferrous bysglicinate Chelate has demonstrated an interesting profile in terms of efficacy and safety after oral administration because of its chemicals properties. To improve patient’s adherence to oral iron, therapy a new co-processed compound between ferrous bysglicinate chelate and alginic acid (FERALGINE®) obtained by using Spray drying technique has been developed. 12 adult consecutive patients affected by iron deficiency anemia (IDA)) has been treated with FERALGINE (1 caps/day containing 30 mg of elemental iron) for a period between 35 and 60 days: at the end of the study every patient statistically significant improved its Hb, red blood cells, HCT, MCV, plasma iron concentration and ferritin values without gastrointestinal adverse effects. FERALGINE®, a new co-processed compound, seems to be useful in iron deficiency anemia (IDA) domiciliary management because of its pharmacodynamic profile that allows to patients a good domiciliary compliance to oral iron therapy.

Claudio Aldo Ame and Campa E

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