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Flash Chromatography and Its Different Dissolvable Frameworks: A Review


Flash chromatography is rapid form of preparative column chromatography-preparative liquid chromatography based upon an air pressure driven hybrid of medium and short column chromatography optimized for rapid separation of organic compounds. As technology has evolved available guidelines for normal-phase flash chromatography have become less relevant. Years of experience performing chromatography with disposable columns have been condensed into simple guidelines useful for translating TLC results into either isocratic- or gradient-flash chromatography. The described studies should provide researchers with a means of selecting adequate columns and guidelines to reduce the waste of solvents, silica, time, and money. Modern flash chromatography systems are sold as pre-packed plastic cartridges and the solvent is pumped through the cartridge. These systems may also be linked with detectors and fraction collectors providing automation. The introduction of gradient pumps has resulted in quicker separations and less solvent usage.

Dinesh Kumar G

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