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Formulation and Characterization of Beet Juice Lyophilized Microcapsules in Alginate


It is well known that the use of renewable natural resources, low cost and available in large quantities, can develop a product with a reduced impact on the environment. The objective of this work was to study the possibility of encapsulating a natural active ingredient (beet juice) in the alginate. The encapsulation of lyophilized beet juice obtained by ionotropic gelation method has been possible according to a procedure that we optimized. The beads were analysed for particle size and morphology using an optical microscopy and SEM. FTIR analysis confirmed the absence of reaction between beet juice and alginate. The characterization by XRD showed that the crystalline state of alginate changed to an amorphous state after formulation. In addition, a study on the antiradical activity of the active ingredient in encapsulated state shows that it can be preserved for a long time which indicates that the alginate can be a good support for the encapsulation, protection and use of beet juice (concentrated) in various forms as a therapeutic or dietary supplement.

Manel B, Youcef B, Redhouane B and Affaf K

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