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Formulation and Evaluation Allopurinol Micro Encapsulation by Double Emulsion Solvent Diffusion Method


The objective of the present study was to develop This study reports the micro capsulation of Allopurinol by the double emulsion solvent diffusion method and the release of the drug from the microcapsules. This sustained release of microcapsules is additionally influenced by the formulation of latest biodegradable polymer Ethyl cellulose, hence drug release pattern. The ready microcapsule was subjected to numerous pre and post formulation studies. Prepared microcapsule was evaluated for the partical size, percentage yield, entrapment efficiency, estimatin of drug content and in vitro drug release studies. Results of the present study indicate that allopurinol microcapsule can be successfully designed to develop sustained drug delivery that reduces the dosing frequency and their buy we can increase the patient compliance.

Shabnamkhan Shikha Agrawal *

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