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Mini Review Open Access

Formulation and Evaluation of Extended Release Tablets of Glipizide Using Different Polymers


The aim of the work was to prepare and characterize extended release tablets of Glipizide using direct compression technique. Preformulation studies such as bulk density, tapped density, compressibility index, and angle of repose were evaluated for the powder blend. After compression extended release tablets were evaluated for hardness, weight variation, thickness, friability, drug content and in-vitro dissolution studies. In vitro dissolution studies was performed by using USP dissolution apparatus (paddle type) using phosphate buffer pH 7.4 for 10 hrs. Decrease in release rate was noticed by increasing the ratio of polymer ratio, due to swelling of the gum. Formulation F7 containing Carbopol showed controlled drug release after 10 hrs, selected as best formulation.

Sakthi Vel M

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