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History of Chemistry: Review


The word science first happens in Suidas, a Greek writer, who ought to have lived in the eleventh century, and to have made his vocabulary in the midst of the tenet of Alexius Comnenus. Under the word his vocabulary we find the taking after area:“Chemistry, the arranging of silver and gold. The books on it were looked out by Dioclesian and seethed, due to the new attempts made by the Egyptians against him. He treated them with relentlessness besides, as he looked out the books made by the general population of yore on the study of gold besides, and seethed them. His thing was to pre vent the Egyptians from getting the opportunity to be rich by the know edge of this craftsmanship, for trepidation that, supported by abundance of wealth, they might be incited a brief span later to contradict the Romans.

Narayana AVVL

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