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Homology Modeling of Chorismate Synthase from Brucella melitensis: A Novel Target Molecule


Brucellosis is one of the most common zoonotic diseases. Human Brucellosis is primarily caused by B. melitensistransmitted by goats and sheep along with other potential routes for the spread of infection. Till date no definite therapy is available for the permanent treatment. Also vaccines, that are available, are not effective or non-specific to stop the spread of the infection. So there is a sure call for finding newer specific target molecules to design the newer specific therapeutic agent/s. After comparative metabolomic investigation in B. melitensis, we found enzyme Chorismate Synthase as the probable target molecule in Human Brucellosis. The present work includes generation of homology model of Chorismate Synthase for B. melitensisusing template from H. pylori. The model was developed using satisfaction of spatial restraints approach implemented in Modeller 9v3 software. The model generated is a tetramer and consists of β-α-β Sandwich Fold in each monomer which is a signature fold of this enzyme family. After thorough structural evaluations, the model is found to be quiet satisfactory and can surely be useful for further study to find out the potential therapeutic agent/s for Human Brucellosis. The model is available at Protein Model Data Base (PMDB ID PM0078183).

Maskar AU and Meshram RJ

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