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The influence and impact of digital images on modern society is tremendous and is considered as a critical component in variety of application areas including pattern recognition, computer vision, industrial automation and healthcare industries. Medical imaging is concerned with the development of the imaging devices that help to identify different aspects of the tissue and organs based on various properties and reveal new properties of the tissue and internal structure. Examples of such devices / equipments include x-ray devices, CT / MRI scanners, electron microscope, etc. All these devices introduce, an unwanted signal, called noise. This paper considers a special kind of noise introduced by ultra sonographic devices is called 'speckle'. Speckle appears as interference of back-scattered wave from many microscopic diffused reflection. They spread through internal organs and make it more difficult for the observer to discriminate fine detail of the images in diagnostic examinations. In this paper, hybrid models are designed for speckle removal by combining anisotropic diffusion based on 4th order PDE with the three conventional linear filters, kaun, lee and frost. Experiments were conducted with various ultrasound images. From the results, it was found that all the three hybrid methods performed denoising operation in a superior fashion and produce images that are of good visual quality.

Dr. (Mrs). S.N Geethalakshmi and J.Suguna

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