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In this paper, Genetic algorithm for circuit partitioning has been attempted. In this practical paper solution is easy and we can easily apply genetic operator in this type of problem. Complexity is measured in both time and space, provided size of problem an as integer (count is infinite).This paper shows multiway circuit partition using genetic algorithm. The technique of our approach is to be design module trick. We can be realizing with self standard IC chip. Obviously we have taken into account minimum power conjunction. The solution of a circuit partitioning problem is global optimum. Result obtained versatility of the proposed method in solving NP-hard problem. Like circuit partitioning is the more critical step in the physical design of various circuit in VLSI.In the partitioning main objective is to minimize the number of cuts. This chapter addresses the problem of partitioning and particular the use of the genetic algorithms for circuit partitioning. The objects to be partitioned in VLSI design are typically logic gates or instances of standard cell. Circuit partitioning is one of the important parts in chip designing. The algorithm can partition circuit into a number of sub-circuits. Our method calculates the fitness value and discards solution with low fitness value. The increase in number of crossover point does not necessarily increase the fitness, as the fitness achieved depends on crossover as well as mutation probability. Especially in the paper find minimum cut size. Crossover boundary will be changed when fitness value is low in previous generation. The main superiority of the circuit partitioning using genetics algorithm is “we can easily multiway partitioning in many types of VLSI circuit”.

Prof. Sharadindu Roy, Prof. Samar Sen Sarma

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