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In silico Screening of Protein Rv3228 to have a Vision towards Survival and Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv


Tuberculosis has appeared as a main world health problem with almost 1/3rd of the world society today infected with causative pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis). M. tuberculosis is a grampositive bacterium makes so many difficulties in its abolition totally. Rv3228 is a conserved hypothetical gene of M. tuberculosis. Rv3228 is an expected GTP/ATP binding protein. It also shows metal ion binding or GTPase activity. GTP/ATPs are energy-rich molecules that facilitate binding of respective protein factor either to ribosomes or to the tRNA. This manuscript considered some of the valuable aspects of Rv3228 protein being the function as unknown. The main visions of this study include retrieval of protein sequence database, multiple sequence alignment, string interaction study, sub-cellular localization, ligand binding prediction, B-cell and T-cell epitopes prediction, structure-based function prediction by COFACTOR and VICMpred. VICMpred predicts that this gene is a virulence factor. Ab-Inito modelling by RAPTOR X and validates by RAMPAGE, ERRAT, and VERIFY3D, mutation analysis by MAESTRO WEB SERVER. This study will be helpful in the development of new drugs and the treatment of tuberculosis disease.

Hanisha Sharma, Swati Meena, Laxman S Meena

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