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Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation and Socio-demographic and Clinical Characterization and Life Habits of Cardiac Surgery Patients


Objective: Of investigating the incidence of atrial fibrillation and sociodemographic and clinical data and life habits of patients in the postoperative period at a University Hospital (UH) in Maranhao, Brazil.

Method: Retrospective cross-sectional research, sample composed of 29 medical records of adult patients undergoing valve replacement and/or myocardial revascularization who developed atrial fibrillation between the years 2016 to 2017. The project was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the UH, nº 2,855,350.

Results: Atrial fibrillation had an incidence of 13.3%. There was a prevalence of patients aged 70 to 89 years (34.5%), with a mean age 62.1 years, of male sex (72.4%), brown race (79.3%), from the countryside (96.6%), in stable union (58, 6%), with low education (27.6%), rural workers (51.7%), of Catholic religion (76.0%), and with an income of 1 to 2 minimum wages (62.1%). Systemic arterial hypertension (69%) stood out among the preexisting diseases, and mitral stenosis/insufficiency (41.3%) and coronary artery disease (34.5%) among the cardiac diseases. The study found overweight (48.3%), former smokers (31%), former alcoholics (13.8%), and values of 3 or 4 in the stroke risk score (31%). The tests performed were electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, coronary angiography and Holter.

Conclusion: The identification of the incidence of atrial fibrillation and the sociodemographic and clinical characterization may contribute to better understand the development of this arrh- -ythmia, providing opportunities for reflective care practice in health promotion, prevention and control of morbidity and mortality.

Líscia Divana Carvalho Silva*, João Vitor Lobo Nascimento, Paulo Eduardo Sousa Silva, Joseildes Castelo Branco Souza, Ione Rocha Neves, Dayane da Conceição Abrantes Monteiro, Deylson Silva de Oliveira, Josilma Silva Nogueira, Tâmara Rubia Cavalcante Guimaraes Coutinho, Elaine Cristina Silva Miranda, Jessica Pereira dos Santos, Roseane Mafra Azevedo, Silvana do Socorro Santos de Oliveira, Sandra Regina Alves Freitas and Fernanda Liene Cavalcante da Cruz

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