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Inhibition of Aluminum in NaOH Solution using Cleome droserifolia Leaves Extract


The inhibition effect of Cleome droserifolia leaves extract on the corrosion of aluminum metal in 1M NaOH solution has been investigated using the weight loss technique as a function of extract concentrations and temperatures at 25, 35, 45 and 55°C. Also, the surface morphology of Al metal was analyzed using scanning electron microscope. The plant extract of 14 g/l at 35°C has the highest inhibition value for the corrosion of aluminum metal with 78.6% inhibition efficiency. The values of the inhibition efficiency increase with increasing of the extract concentration and found to be temperature dependent. Entropy and enthalpy of activation were calculated and discussed. The adsorption of Cleome droserifolia extract on Al-surface obeys Temkin adsorption isotherm with high regression coefficients.

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