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Insights on Post-Stroke Depressive Symptoms and Psychosocial Factors


Stroke is the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of serious, long-term incapacity worldwide. Every year, approximately 15 million people suffer from stroke and are at risk of developing depression. One-third of stroke survivors experience post-stroke depressive symptoms. Patients who have increased Post-stroke depressive symptoms have less practical independence, poor cognitive healing, a lower quality of life, and a higher mortality rate. Stroke survivors use social support to cope with stress and protect themselves from the negative consequences of terrible stroke outcomes. This research sought to investigate the effect of perceived social help (emotional and informational, tangible, affectionate, and excellent social interaction), stress stage, and practical independence on depressive symptoms in stroke survivors. A cross-sectional observational research design was carried out in outpatient settings and rehabilitation facilities. The psychometrically valid gadgets were completed by a comfort pattern of 135 stroke survivors. The majority of the pattern displayed slight or mild depressive symptoms (26% and 29%, respectively).

Sheryl Lucie*

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