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Integrated Algal Bioprocess Engineering for Enhanced Productivity of Lipid, Carbohydrate and High-value Bioactive Compounds


Algae are naturally the producers of lipids, carbohydrates and high-value bioactive biocompounds. These bioproducts accumulation tend to increase when algae are placed under environmental or nutritional stresses. Of great importance is to identify the engineering and molecular factors that could influence the triggering of constitutive products accumulation. This review explores issues and factors that could affect commercial-scale development for integrated microalgal bioprocess engineering especially in terms of different target products, engineering factors and the recovery of microalgae biomass and bioproducts as a source of renewable biofuels and high-value bioactive compounds.

Mohd Azmuddin Abdullah, Syed Muhammad Usman Shah, Sanaa Mahmoud Metwally Shanab and Hamdy El-Sayed Ahmad Ali

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