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Isolation of Canine Distemper Virus from Clinical Domestic Dogs in Addis Ababa Pet Clinics, Ethiopia


Background: Canine Distemper is highly contagious viral disease of canine species with worldwide occurrence. However, previous studies have underreported canine distemper status in Ethiopia. Therefore, the objective of this study was to assess occurrence of CD on clinical dogs in association with other cases in Addis Ababa pet clinics.

Results: Out of 150 dogs that are brought to different pet clinics, 70 cases (46.66%) were identified to have signs suggestive of CDV infection. Of all the 70 suspected cases of CD, ocular and nasal discharge swab samples were collected and screened by fastest distemper strip kit for the presence of virus. Of the screened samples, 22.86% were positive for canine distemper. Screened positive samples were further confirmed using cell culture in Vero cell as gold standard technique. Out of the 16 screened positive samples inoculated in Vero cells, 12 specimen (75%) showed Cytopathic Effects (CPE) in the form of Syncytia formation within 24 and 48 hours of inoculation while the rest 4 negative samples were passaged in Vero cell three times before declaring negative. Uninoculated negative controls included in each run did not show any effects.

Conclusion: The present study revealed the existence of CD showing 16 positive dogs out of 70 cases do not received periodic immunization according to CD strains. Besides this, CD is chief disease of local dogs relative to exotic breed. Therefore, isolation of clinical domestic dogs from healthy dogs and routine immunization of animals according to circulating strains of CD is suggestive.

Mesfin Shurbe*, Daniel Gizaw, Anwar Hassen

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