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Knowledge and Attitude on Eye Donation Among Nonmedical Staff in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital at Puducherry, India


A shortage of transplantable corneas is common and has been the subject of much attention. To increase procurement of corneas, raising the level of public education on eye donation is an important first step Well-informed non-medical staff could be expected to influence eye donation rates. Objective of this study is to assess the knowledge and attitude on eye donation among nonmedical staff. The current descriptive study was conducted among hospital attendants and secretaries working in a tertiary care teaching hospital at Puducherry. After approval from Institutional Review Board, and the concerned authorities, the study participants were informed about the nature and purpose of the study and written informed consent was obtained from them. Study participants were selected by using simple random sampling method. The data was be collected by interview method using the structured questionnaire. Most of the participants had average level of knowledge (54%) and favourable attitude (88%) towards eye donation.

Amirtha Santhi and Malarvizhi

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