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Leachability of Lanthanides from their Bearing Rocks at Abu Furad Area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt


Leachability of lanthanides from the radioactive pegmatite pockets found in Gabal Abu Furad area, southwest Safaga city, limited by latitudes 26°37′ and 26°43′ and longitudes 33°36′ and 33°43′ E. Central Eastern Desert, Egypt. It was investigated using different acids at different concentrations, liquid-to-solid ratios, contact times and temperatures in order to determine the optimum recovery conditions. The best leaching efficiency was obtained with 40 g/l HCl solution, 8 hours contact time, 90°C temperature and 1:5 (g/ml) solid:liquid ratio. Afterwards, lanthanide stock solutions were prepared by applying the optimum leaching conditions. Lanthanides were then precipitated by either 10% oxalic acid or 20% sodium hydroxide solutions. Electron scanning microscope (ESM) analysis was utilized to determine the qualitative percentage of the existed lanthanides. It was found that thorium percentage was around 10.05%. High percentages of light lanthanides were detected, e.g., La (11.16%), cerium (39.97%), Pr (6.21%), Nd (13.99%), Sm (2.00%), and Gd (1.06%).

Kandil AT, El-Nagar WE, Kamal HM2, Younes AA and Mossa HH

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