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Management of Chronic pain-A Major Concern for Addiction


Pain is a perception which is caused by triggering nervous system. It will provide signals to individual regarding tissue damage. Chronic pain can occur for months to years. It is also considered as the pain during terminal stage of the illness. Some kinds of chronic pain include headaches, joint pain, pain from injury, and backaches. The treatment for chronic pain includes pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. Pharmacologically, medications such as Narcotics, Local anaesthetics, Epidural injections, Nerve block injections and Trigger Point Injection with corticosteroids. Non-pharmacological treatment includes acupuncture, chiropractic care, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and Electrothermal Therapy. This article reviews about how chronic pain therapy leads to addiction and also about various treatment options

Anusha Narise, Santhoshi Gamini, Bhargavi Kodamanchili, Jyothi Bonam, Neelima Bondada, Divya Datla

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