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Mechanism Action of Amygdalin as Natural Chemotherapy in Colon Cancer


Colon cancer is the most cancer types may lead to death. There were different risk factor increase the rate of colon cancer, these factors may include genetic, inherited, environmental, and life style factors. There were different strategies in treatment of colon cancer. Chemotherapy is one of important strategy in treatment of this disease; chemotherapy infusion has various side effects. The new trends in treatment of colon cancer using natural chemotherapy. Most studies assume that vitamin B17 has ability to killing the malignant cell, to prevent it from spreading in to other organs and this help in control on colon cancer, on the other hand healthy cells doesn't effect with this therapy. Some researches indicate vitamin B17 injection may be effect on healthy cells due to the toxic effect of cyanide which present in composition of vitamin B17, also, they found toxic effect of vitamin B17 can be released if take orally from its natural sources due to the action of gut bacteria. In this review we will discuss chemical composition, natural sources, mechanism action of vitamin B17; in addition to natural treatment of colon cancer.

Walaa Fikry Elbossaty

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