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This paper gives an overview to the topic of model-based testing. The model based testing process is described, and the steps available at each stage are considered. The different types of tool necessary to support the process are explained and example tools listed along with the standards they support. The position for standards in model-based testing is examined, and the new skills required by tester are discussed. Throughout research on model-based testing in the last 5-10 years has verified the probability of this approach. It has been shown that it can be cost-effective, and has developed a variety of test generation strategies and model coverage criteria. Some commercial tools have started to emerge, from the USA (T-Vec, Reactive Systems, I-logix), and also from Europe (Conformiq, Leirios Technologies, Telelogic), as well as a wide variety of academic and research tools [BFS05]. The discussion in this paper is limited to functional testing, because model-based testing is less mature in other areas. Finally, means of determining the appropriateness of projects for model-based testing are considered. In this paper following factors are analyzed: Model Based Testing, Steps, Levels, Methods & tools that affect MBT.

Sanjeev Dhawan Nirmal Kumarand Shiva Saini

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