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Multiple Functionality of Aminoclay Nanoparticles’ Based on Widespectrum Anti-bactericidal, Algicidal/Microalgal-Flocculation, and Anti-tumor Effects


 Since 1997 water-solubilized and positively charged organo-building blocks of aminoclay nanoparticles (ACNPs) have attracted intensive academic and industrial interest for their multifaceted applications . Engineered organic-inorganic ACNPs constituted of high-density amine groups and approximately 10% total amines in aqueous solution, when protonated, acquire a cationic surface property. The ACNPs’ unit structure is composed, in its center, of cationic metals Mg, Ca, Zn, Co, Ni, Cu, Al, Fe, and Ce, some of which maintain their respective unique activities. On both sides of that structure, a central metal sheet of octahedrally coordinated metal oxide or hydroxide chains in a 3-aminopropyl-functionalized silicate network is overlaid (Figure 1). Mass production of ACNPs is feasible from the engineering viewpoint, as the cationic metal species can be reacted with aminosilane precursors in a one-pot sol-gel reaction under ambient conditions, this makes possible an ACNP cost reduction to an estimated ~0.5/g, even using high-purity chemicals.

 Young-Chul Lee*

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