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Multiple Sclerosis: A Raging Disease


ABSTRACT Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the brain and neural structure. Early MS symptoms comprise weakness, tingling, numbness, and blurred vision. Alternative signs include muscle stiffness, thinking issues, and urinary issues. Treatment will relieve MS symptoms and detain disease progression. MS involves inculpate an immune-mediated method within which an abnormal response of the body’s system is charged against the central system (CNS), that is created of the brain, neural structure and optic nerves. The precise substance — or target that the immune cells are supersensitive to attack — remains unknown, that is why MS is taken into account by several specialists to be "immune-mediated" instead of "autoimmune." The reason behind MS remains unknown – scientists assume the disease is triggered by as-yet-unidentified environmental element in someone who is genetically susceptible to respond.

Smriti Sharma

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