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Nanomedicine Research, Process Scale up, Manufacturing and Pk/Pd-A State of the Art


Nanomedicine is the future of medicine. Nanotechnology in medicine precisely uses processes to manipulate the structural and functional properties of a molecule at nanometer levels and thereby achieve better safety and efficacy profile of current therapeutic drugs and macromolecules.It has excellent market potential with currently more than 120 drugs are under clinical trials for nanomedicine. Diverse drugs and macromolecular therapeutics with very less half-life or therapeutic index have been given a new lease of life with nanomedicine-based approach. This approach is useful for medical, dental, orthopedics and implants which can deliver the drug over a period of time through a variety of routes of administration. Ultra-smart materials with a targeted delivery potential which is responsive to various cell, tissue and organ stimuli are being developed and being tested in vivo. The huge interest of start-ups and big pharma alike in nanomedicine has created a high value in thetrend, understanding, innovation, and regulatory involvement for submissions.

Kuntal Ganguly

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