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Oral rehabilitation of diastrophic dysplasia –a rare case report- Ali A Assiry- University of Najran


 Skeletal dysplasias are a heterogeneous group of conditions associated with abnormalities of skeleton, including its shape, size and density, manifest in limbs, chest, or skull. Diastrophic dysplasia is a rare skeletal dysplasia and one of the dyschondroplasia syndromes characterized by dwarfism, deformity in hands and feet with hitchhiker thumbs, talipes equinovarus, cystic masses on ear lobes, severe talipes equinovarus, bifid ribs and abnormalities with extremities of hands and feet. The purpose of this paper is to present a case, discuss the diagnosis and establishing important parameters involved in managing and treating dental problems associated with diastrophic dysplasia.

 Ali A Assiry

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