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Predicting the Potential Impact of Selective Retina Therapy: An Assessment of Current Evidence


ABSTRACT Purpose: To predict the potential impact of selective retina therapy (SRT), as a treatment for diabetic macular edema (DME) and central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC), on the Korean healthcare system. Methods: Using horizon-scanning activities, we identified and filtered promising research-phase health technologies not listed within the domestic insurance system. After a process of prioritization, we selected SRT and evaluated the current clinical evidence concerning this technique. Finally, we analyzed the potential impacts through the peer-review process. Results: A total of 10 studies were included in the review: one randomized controlled trial, two single-arm trials, two cohort studies, and five case series. None of these studies reported severe complications or side effects when SRT was performed on patients with DME and CSC. However, there was a lack of statistically significant evidence regarding the main effectiveness indices (retinal thickness, regeneration of retinal pigment epithelium, and damage to surrounding tissues). Similarly, the outcome of the expert consultation on the potential impact of SRT was that it was a promising and safe treatment for DME and CSC; however, the experts also confirmed that evaluating the effectiveness of SRT is not possible based on existing evidence. Conclusion: SRT is a promising treatment for DME and CSC with great potential for acceptability within the current healthcare market. However, welldesigned clinical trials should be conducted for to confirm its effectiveness.

Jooyeon Park, Jin-A Mo, Eunjung Park, Youngjoo Cha, Sungkyu Lee, Chaemin Shin

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