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Preparation, Characterisation and In-Vitro Study of Microspheres Containing Imatinib Mesylate by Solvent Evaporation Technique Using Ethyl Cellulose


The purpose of this research was to prepare and evaluate microparticulate drug delivery system of Imatinib Mesylate (IM). The microspheres were prepared by emulsification solvent evaporation technique using ethyl cellulose (EC) as a release rate controlling polymer in the ratios 1:0.5, 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2, and 1:2.5. The prepared microspheres were evaluated for drug-polymer compatibility, micromeritic properties, drug entrapment efficiency, in-vitro drug release studies. The mean particle size increased with increase in the polymer concentration, when compared to pure drug and it was lying between 113.26 ± 0.870 - 132.15 ± 0.474μm. The micromeritic properties were found to be improved when compared to pure drug .Scanning electron microscopy confirmed the hollow structure with smooth external surface. The drug and polymer were found to be compatible as seen in IR studies. The entrapment efficiency considerably decreased with increase in the polymer concentration ranging from 66.29%. The microspheres up to 24 hrs over the gastric buffer medium and the prepared microspheres exhibited prolonged drug release for more than 24 hrs. The mechanism of drug release was found to be a combination of both peppa’s and zero order release kinetics. The developed microspheres of Imatinib may be used for prolonged drug release for at least 24 hrs for maximizing the therapeutic efficacy along with patient compliance.

Nagesh R Sandu, SP Senthi, and KL Senthilkumar

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