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Purification of mCRP35-47 Peptide Related Antibody by Affinity Chromatography on Antigen-Ligand Columns


To purify mCRP35-47 autoantibody from the lupus nephritis for establishing the foundation of the further study on the roles of mCRP35-47 in the clinical course of lupus nephritis. The first step is obtaining the serum of patients with lupus nephritis and purifying of plasma total IgG by affinity chromatograph. The second step is activating the sepharose with CNBr. The most important step is preparing the immobilized ligand by coupling the peptide a.a.35-47 to the gravity column and the total IgG is flow though the gravity column and can be eluted. mCRP35-47 peptide related antibody is harvested and its specificity has been verified by SPR. Human mCRP35-47 peptide related antibody with high purity from the plasma can be obtained by affinity chromatography and can be applied to further functional experiments.

Qiu-yu LI, Hai-yun LI, Yi-ming WU, Feng YU*, Ming-hui ZHAO

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