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Saccharification of used paper cup for Ethanol Production by Yeast Isolate.


The main aim of this work was to develop an effective method for pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification of cellulose and hemicellulose components into fermentable sugars, as well as fermentation of the hydrolysate to bioethanol by new yeast isolates. YAJ-2M (3.2%), YCJ-1 (3.4%) and YAJ-2M 11 (5.6%) produced maximum ethanol. UV- induction responsible for genetic improvement of yeast isolates for ethanol production. Pretreatment of paper with alkali-acid reduced the lignin content from 25% to 14.3%. Maximum liberation of reducing sugars (168.7 μg/ml) was attained at 50°C for 96 hours at 150 rpm using enzyme dose of 20 U/g in alkali-acid (sodium hydroxide-orthophosphoric acid) pretreated paper cup. Fermentation of hydrolysate paper by yeast isolates (YAJ-1 M2 11 mutant) at 30°C, pH 4.7, 150 rpm and resulted in 1% ethanol after 96 h. Present investigation was found mutant YAJ-1 M2 11 produced highest ethanol concentration in hydrolysed paper than other tested mutant.

SS Gulia Komal, Navneet Kumari, Kirpa Ram*

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