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Case Report Open Access

Schizencephaly Presenting for the First Time in a Previously Healthy Adult Male


As is true for any human tissue, normal cellular differentiation and migration in the central nervous system is crucial for normal functioning of the body. Any defects in the neuronal migration can be disastrous, and can potentially lead to devastating disability. Amongst the spectrum of various neuronal migration defects within the brain, schizencephaly is the most severe form and is an extremely rare clinical entity. Schizencephaly can pose different health related problems to the affected child. Refractory seizure disorder and developmental delay are amongst such issues. Although; normally, schizencephaly presents during the 1st decade of life, rarities do exist. We report one such rare presentation of bilateral closed lip schizencephaly in a previously healthy 35 years old gentleman who was admitted with new onset generalized seizures, unmasked by a urinary tract infection. This is possibly the first ever case of bilateral schizencephaly, presenting for the first time in the fourth decade of life.

Mohammad Humayun, Abidullah Khan*, Iqbal Haider, Majid Khan and Maimoona Ayub

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