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Some Investigations Based on Photochemistry, Natural Product Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry


Closed shell d10 atoms such as gold(I) and silver(I) shows remarkable tendency to form supramolecular aggregations due to Au-Au, aurophilic bonding and Ag-Ag, argentophilic bonding [1,2]. Many evidences reported in the literature showing different aggregates such as dimers, oligomers and polymers are formed due to these types of interactions [1-4]. Our research group is focused on luminescence properties of dicyano complexes of Au(I) and Ag(I) due to the formation of excimers and exciplexes [5-7]. Excited state dimers are referred as excimers and excited state oligomers are referred as exciplexes. We were able to tune excimers and exciplexes by varying the excitation wavelength and the dopant concentration [6,7]. We have observed and reported mixed metal transition in Au/Ag dicyanide compounds [8]. Now we are interested to extend our studies to dicyano complexes of d8 closed shell systems.

Hettiarachchi SR

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