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Specific Clinical Findings of Secondary Syphilis In The Oral Mucosa: A Series of Six Case Reports


Syphilis (SyS) is a systemic infectious disease caused by the anaerobic spirochetes Treponema pallidum. This condition is further divided into primary, secondary latent and tertiary stages. Oral manifestations are most common in secondary stage and frequently are the only clinical sign of the disease. These lesions are characterized by having high rates of infection and peculiar clinical characteristics. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to highlight the common and not-so-common clinical appearances of secondary SyS in adults. Tongue, lips, jugal mucosa and palate lesions were selected to illustrate the similarity of oral SyS with other diseases. The diagnosis was performed by clinical and serological correlation. Furthermore, it was emphasized the importance of the knowledge of different forms of oral SyS lesions by clinicians in order to provide early diagnosis and faster treatment for infected patients.

Sergio Antonucci Amaral*, Fabricio Tinoco Alvim de Souza, Maria Cassia Ferreira de Aguiar, Carina Cristina Montalvany-Antonucci, Julio Cesar Tanos de Lacerda and Luis Otavio de Miranda Cota

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