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Sports Participation, Vision Care Behaviour, Visual Knowledge and Attitude Influence Vision Performance: A Comparison between Student Athletes and Regular Students of Elementary Schools


This study will examine the visual performance of students by investigating knowledge, attitude and behaviour with regards to vision care of student athletes (ball game and non-ball-game players) and regular students of elementary schools in Taiwan. The researchers adopted variance and predictive analyses of geographic variables, and variables of knowledge, attitude and behaviour of vision care, and vision performance. The statistical analysis results reveal that: Athletes of ball-game teams with normal vision were significantly higher in the ratio. There were no significant differences in variables of visual knowledge, attitude and behaviour of vision care between student athletes and regular students. Geographic variables were processed and analyzed with hierarchical regression that four intervals were sequentially incorporated into the model respectively to identify indicators of student’s visual performance. The results showed that geographic variables, variables of knowledge, attitude and behaviour of vision care, etc. were unable to predict student’s visual performance.

Chia-Ming Chang, Li-Wei Liu, Huey-Hong Hsieh, Wui-Chiu Mui* and Wei-Chun Liu

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