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The energy economy of nearly all end, In particular of industrialized countries is based on the use of stored energy, mainly fossil fuels in the form of coal, oil, natural gas, as well as nuclear energy in the form of uranium isotopes. Two problems arise when we use our reserves to satisfy our energy needs. A source of energy can continued only until it is depleted. Furthermore, burning these fossil fuels also has hazardous effects on our atmosphere. These sources are also known as non renewable sources. So these are not available for always. So the alternative for these non renewable sources are use of renewable energy sources like sun energy, wind energy etc. In this Paper we discuss about study of best utilization of solar energy in the form electricity by studying photovoltaic material. In this paper we study several technologies of solar cell and their conversion efficiency level.

Mukul Kant Sharma, Deepak Tanwar and Prof. Vikram Singh

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