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Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Novel 1, 3-Thiazolan-4-one Derivatives.


A series of new 3-(2-morpholinophenyl)-2-aryl/heteryl-1,3-thiazolan-4-one 6a-j were synthesized by the reaction of N-(2-morpholinophenyl)-N-[1-aryl/heterylmethylidene]amine 5a-j and thioglycolic acid. The chemical structures of newly synthesized compounds were elucidated by IR, 1H NMR, MS and elemental analyses. The compounds 6a-j were evaluated for their antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria viz. Bacillus subtilis (MTCC 441), Bacillus sphaericus (MTCC 11) and Staphylococcus aureus (MTCC 96), and Gram-negative bacteria viz. Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MTCC 741), Klobsinella aerogenes (MTCC 39) and Chromobacterium violaceum (MTCC 2656). Compounds 6e, 6f, 6i, and 6j exhibited potent inhibitory activity compared to standard drug at the tested concentrations. The results also reveal that the presence 4-methoxyphenyl (6e) or 2-hydroxyphenyl (6f) or 2-furyl (6i) or 2-thienyl (6j) on thiazolan-4-one ring might be the reason for the significant inhibitory activity

A Nagaraj, G Ravi, S Sharath Kumar, S Raghaveer, and Neelofer Rana

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