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Synthesis and Characterization of a New Cadmium Framework Based on 2,5-Dimethyl-1,3,4-Thiodiazole and Dicyanamide Anion


Using the 2,5-dimethyl-1,3,4-thiodiazole (L) ligand and bridging dicyanamide anion, a new CdII complex [Cd0.5(L)(H2O)(cyanourea)] [Cd(N(CN)2(H2O)]n (1) has been synthesized and characterized by X-ray single crystal diffraction. The fundamental structural unit of the title complex contains two CdII centers, two neutral free L ligands, two bridging dca anions, one bridging cyanourea ligand and three terminal coordinated aqua molecules. It is noted that the cyanourea ligands are not used as the starting materials and formed from dicyanamide simply by hydrolysis. To the best of our knowledge, cyanourea represents the first example to participate in the coordination of metal ions in coordination chemistry up to now.

Wang Y, Zhou B, Li M, Lin P, Zhao X

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