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Synthesis and Evaluation for Anti-microbial Activity with Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Some novel 2,4,6-Trisubstituted -Triazino-b-Lamtam (Azetidinone) derivative


A novel series of azetidinone derivatives fused with triazine moiety were synthesized and screened for antibacterial and antifungal activity and based on screening data their minimum inhibitory concentration was also calculated. The antibacterial data revealed that the majority of investigated compounds demonstrate remarkable antibacterial activities against all bacteria’s. Derivative A4, with MIC value 0.672µg/ml, were found to possess an almost similar activity as compared to standard have MIC value 0.66 µg/ml against S. aureus. Compounds B1 (0.936µg/ml), A1 (1.117 µg/ml), and A5 (1.097 µg/ml) were found to exhibit considerable activity among all synthesized derivatives against P. fluorescence, P. aeruginosa, E. coli respectively. Whereas derivative B-1 & B-6 shown more potent activity for S.epidermidis with MIC value 0.601µg/ml& 0.645µg/ml respectively as compared to standard shown activity on 0.734 µg/ml.Although among all the synthesized derivatives none of derivative shown good activity against antifungal strains. Based on the screening data, attempt has been made to throw light on structure activity relationship.

 Kamta P Namdeo