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Synthesis and Studies on Some Pharmacologically Active Sulpha/ Substituted Indoles


Some pharmacologically active sulpha/substituted Indoles were synthesised by refluxing the mixture of sulpha/substituted phenyl amine and α-haloacyl benzene in glacial acetic acid. The newly synthesised compounds were characterised by IR, 1H NMR, and UV spectral studies. They were also evaluated for their promising pharmacological activity such as anti-tuberculosis and anti-inflammatory activity. An attempt has also been done to synthesise 2-phenyl-3-(X1) phenylazo sulpha/substituted indoles by the diazotisation reaction of N-phenacylsulpha/substituted phenyl amine with diazonium salt of sulpha/substituted benzene and after refluxion and cyclisation of resultant product.

Kumar A

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