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Synthesis of Pyrimidines Bearing Quinoline Motif Served as a Potential Antimicrobial Agents


A facile and rapid protocol for the Synthesis of Pyrimidine derivatives have been undertaken by Biginelli typed multicomponent reactions of diversely substituted Quinoline-3- carboxaldehyde, Ethyl-3-oxohexanonate and urea. The structure elucidation of the products 1a to 1j has been delineated by various spectral analyses. All the compounds 1a-1j was tested for their preliminary in vitro antifungal activities and antibacterial activities against a panel of fungal and bacterial and strains. From the tested series, five compounds 1h, 1d, 1e, 1f and 1i displayed significant antibacterial and antifungal activity. It is worthwhile noting here that the compounds 1h exhibited promising activity towards Escherichia coli MTCC 442 could be considered as the future leaders for the development of potent antimicrobial agents.

Chandrani JP and Ganatra KJ

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