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Text Steganography using CALP with High Embedding Capacity


In recent years, everything is trending toward digitalization and with the rapid development of the Internet technologies, digital media needs to be transmitted conveniently over the network. Attacks, misuse or unauthorized access of information is of great concern today which makes the protection of documents through digital media a priority problem. This urges us to devise new data hiding techniques to protect and secure the data of vital significance. . In this respect, steganography often comes to the fore as a tool for hiding information. Steganography is a process that involves hiding a message in an appropriate carrier like text, image or audio. It is of Greek origin and means "covered or hidden writing". The goal of steganography is covert communication. Here the carrier can be sent to a receiver without anyone except the authenticated receiver only knows existence of the information. Considerable amount of work has been carried out by different researchers on steganography. In this paper the authors propose a novel text steganography method through changing the pattern of English alphabet letters with high embedding capacity. Considering the structure of English alphabets each two bits of the secret message has been mapped through some little structural modification of some of the alphabets of the cover text .This approach uses the idea of structural and feature changing of the cover carrier which is not visibly distinguishable from the original to the human beings and may be modified for other India language also. This solution is independent of the nature of the data to be hidden and produces a stego text with minimum degradation. Quality of the stego text is analyzed by trade off between no of bits used for mapping. Efficiency of the proposed method is illustrated by exhaustive experimental results and comparisons.

Bhattacharyya, Pabak Indu , Sanjana Dutta , Ayan Biswas and Gautam Sanya


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