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The Difficulties Experienced by the Parents of Children with Cancer


The purpose of the mini-article is to describe the needs and difficulties of parents living with a child with cancer. Background Cancer is caused by a group of abnormal cells that develop rapidly and spread throughout the body, which is difficult to control. Malignant cancer can spread quickly enough to nearby tissues, and some abnormal cells can divide and migrate to distant areas of the body through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Children with cancer have certain difficulties and needs that are associated with pain, nutrition, weakness, infection, and hyperthermia. All these needs require satisfaction and support not only from the medical person, but also from the child's family. One of the most difficulties aspects of being parents of a child diagnosed with cancer is to balance their normal family life with the child's health needs and treatment requirements. Cancer is serious disease covers and all part of family life and creates many stress factors for family members. Families mostly feel that everything has changed in their lives with the cancer diagnosis and are obliged to make a number of adjustments in their lives including financial needs. Their normal family life suddenly to appear treatments, hospital appointments and hospitalizations. The shock after diagnosis, the painfulness of therapy, the associated disruption of family and social development, and the constant uncertainty of relapse or relapse of the disease affect not only the sick child, but also all family members.

Merey Sagadiyeva

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