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Transtheoretical Model Approach to Explore the Factors Associated with Dementia Risk and Protection Behaviors at Agricultural Areas


Dementia is an unavoidable serious problem worldwide in elderly society. This was a cross-sectional study through a community survey to estimate modifiable lifestyle factors for dementia prevention. The study subjects were conveniently sampled from five community activity centers and one primary health clinic from April to July 2018. The research tools used were the MMSE and a self-developed questionnaire (Cronbach's α, 0.73) on dementia-prevention behaviours based on the theory of behavioral change. The major finding was to identify education level (odds ratio [OR] 0.206), BMI (OR 0.23), hypertension (OR 5.12), social activities participation (OR 0.53), and degenerative joint disease (OR 7.28) as the related factors affecting brain health behavioral engagement by logistic regression analysis. The study result might be a reference for Dementia prevention through continually empowering aging population and providing accessible environments to adopt healthy life-style.

Luna Chang*, Li-Ling Liao, Yi-Wen Liou, Chao-Ying Yang

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