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Case Report Open Access

Visceral Leishmaniasis in An Ethiopian Patient with COVID-19: A Case Report


Coronavirus disease-19 has dominated global health conversations. It can seem as if the hugely significant burden of infectious diseases, including visceral leishmaniasis, is no longer a public health issue. We discussed, in this case, the clinical and public health implications of COVID-19 and Leishmania donovani co-infection. The patient was an 18 years old male from Northwest Ethiopia diagnosed with COVID-19 and concomitant culture-confirmed visceral leishmaniasis that ended in a fatal outcome. It is of crucial importance that clinicians have a high index of suspicion for a combination of COVID-19 and visceral leishmaniasis in endemic areas.

Melaku Taye*, Dawit Kebede, Hiruy Araya, Nebiyu Getachew, Hiluf Abate, Asrat Hailu

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