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Water Minerals Associated in Health Risks: A Review


Now a day drinking water has a significant role in the public health. Water is the essential part of life and also is the necessity of life. Water played an important role in the survival as well as in the transmission of disease causing agents. The microorganisms can easily grow and transmit through water resources and cause several health hazards. The residual of industries and urbanization provide unnecessary minerals to the source of drinking water sources. Minerals like Ca, Mg, Se, Mo, Cr, F, I, Zn, Na, K, Cd, Si, Cu, P and other may be present in drinking water, although not commonly realized drinking water provides some of these elements. Minerals in water have a significant etiological factor that triggering various diseases for instance, cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, cancer, reproductive failure, neural diseases, and renal dysfunction. The review highlights the risk of health hazards caused by the contaminated water and additional minerals present in the water.

Binyam Gintam, Rakesh Kumar Shukla, Azhar Khan*

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