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Rachana Bhatt

Rachana Bhatt

Department of Biomedical Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology



Dr. Rachana Bhatt obtained her Doctorate in Microbiology from Sardar Patel University, India. After completion of her PhD, she joined as an Assistant Professor of Microbiology at SPU, India. Later she relocated to and joined New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA. At NJIT, her research is focused on modification of resorbable aliphatic polyesters for scaffold and related biomedical applications. She has core expertise in Microbiology, Fermentation Processes, Chemistry and Polymer Science. She is a multidisciplinary scientist with research in two major fields (1) Biomedical Implants and (2) Biodegradable Plastics. She has significantly contributed to the research on biodegradable polymers especially Poly (3-hydroxyalkanoates) (PHAs) and also was a project co-investigator for a major research project funded by CSIR, Govt. of India. She has several research articles, review papers and invited book chapters to her credit. Her research is aimed at developing novel resorbable polyesters having applications as implants and in tissue engineering. She is also focused on developing modified PLA & PHA based polymers for applications in packaging and food industry

Research Interest
Biomedical Implants and Biodegradable Plastics