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Renu Chadha

Renu Chadha

Dr. Renu Chadha Professor

University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Punjab University Chandigarh



Dr.Renu chadha  is currently working at punjab university. Her research interest includes pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis. she is serving as an honorary editor for Journal of pharmacy & pharmaceutical sciences

Research Field: Polymorphs/solvatomorphs, cocrystals, compatibility studies, Nanoparticles, Inclusion complexes.

Present Research : The emphasis of my present research is to modify the existing therapeutically useful molecules for better solubility and bioavailability. 1. By preparing better polymorphic modifications 2. By preparing co-crystals 3. Encapsulation of the drug molecules in Cyclodextrin cavity 4. In-vitro compatibility 5. Application of, X-Ray Diffraction, thermoanalytical, And Spectroscopic methods for characterization of APIs, cocrystals and polymorphs.

Research Interest

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis